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Generate a back cover image

Structured data of type Article are mainly used for articles, blog posts, written content, news or dealing with a theme.

For the demonstration we use the famous American media CNN which has many articles with which we could push the use of templates.

Thanks to the structured data, we can retrieve the title, description, main image and a logo associated with each article, and generate as many articles as we have in this image format.

Generate a back cover image


Give an overview of your product

In the case of an e-commerce website, using the Product type makes sense. This type allows you to reference your products directly in the search engine.

Back-Market uses this type of structured data to highlight its refurbished products. In this example we use the name of the item, its description, its photo and the price at which it is sold.

Any shop with this type of structured data could use this template to highlight its products with an image containing the essential information.

Give an overview of your product


Make your audience salivate

To help reference your recipes, the Recipe type is the most appropriate type. In this use case we have used the Nutriwi recipes, which use this type of structured data with lots of information.

For the recipes we have chosen to display the image of the dish, its name, description, the first three recipe instructions, and the kcal stored in the nutritional information.

This allows us to have a complete overview of our recipe without spending a long time copying and pasting and placing our elements one by one.

Make your audience salivate

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