The easiest way to gain productivity and get your content out to the world

Match your plan to your needs. From simple discovery access to the Studio to an unlimited version of all the features. You can change your usage plan at any time during your lifetime with Content-LD


2 months free for an annual subscription!

Free plan to discover studio environment


  • Access the studio
  • Filigram over all generated picture
0€/ month

Get a limited overview of content-ld features


  • Access the studio
  • Save up to 2 templates
  • 10 pictures download per month without Watermark
  • Export your picture in JPG
9€/ month

Pro plan with unlimited credits and premium features


  • Access the studio
  • Unlimited templates
  • No download limits
  • Export your picture in different format
  • Access to premium features
29€/ month

Plan comparison

Get an overview of the different features present in each of the proposed plans. Select the plan that best suits your needs with the features that will address your issues

Request your page URLxxx
Get the JSON-LDxxx
Select the data you want to showxxx
Resize & drag the contentxxx
Customize your content-xx
Manage your templates-xx
Default picture sizes-xx
Save as template your configuration-2
Download as picture whithout Watermark-10/month
Premium features
Export picture in multiple format ( jpg, jpeg, png, gif )--x
Define custom picture size--x
Use background picture--x
Incoming features...--x

Everything in one place

A studio dedicated to content creation

Access to all features in one place to facilitate the creation of your content. The configuration can be set up in a few minutes and reused over and over again.

A studio dedicated to content creation

Your data, your content

Selection of displayed values

Query the structured data of the web pages you want and select the data you want to use within your configuration. No selection limits.

Selection of displayed values

Staying in control

Define a static background

You have the possibility to define a static background which will be applied in the background of all your creations, respecting your graphic charter and your needs.

Define a static background

Well-known formats

Use standard sizes for social networks

Use the standard formats of the most used social networks. Your images are tailored to fit them as soon as they are generated. No need for additional retouching.

Use standard sizes for social networks

Stop repeating your work

Saving templates

Don't waste time doing the same things over and over again. Save your templates, with your configuration and customisation, for reuse with other structured data of the same type.

Saving templates

Organise your own way

Manage you templates

Edit, rename, or inherit your existing templates. Organise your templates in your own way to optimise the use of the studio.

Manage you templates

One click, one image

Generate your images

Upload your creations in one click in the most popular image formats (JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF). All you have to do is upload them to your favourite platforms.

Generate your images

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