FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Content-LD, from subscriptions to features to data recovery.

Can I use Content-LD with a site I don't own?

You may use Content-LD with websites that you do not own. However, images you generate from information on sites you do not own may be subject to copyright. Content-LD is not responsible for your use of them.

Can Content-LD retrieve information other than structured data?

Yes, we primarily retrieve structured data from web pages. However, if the web page does not contain any, we are able to generate, from an algorithm, a structured database, which you can retrieve, in JSON-LD format with the information from the page.

Is Content-LD free?

You can discover the environment for free and without limits. To be able to use all the features of the application, you will have to subscribe to one of the available subscriptions.

Does Content-LD use SEO Meta-tags ?

Meta-tags are used for rich results through web platforms or search engines. Content-LD does not use these elements to retrieve information from your web page, only the structured data filled in is returned.

How many times can I download the same image?

As many times as you like as long as your subscription allows.

Can I change my subscription plan along the way?

Of course, you can change your subscription type at any time on Content-LD.

Does Content-LD support all types of structured data?

Content-LD allows you to retrieve all structured data types as well as data subtypes. This allows you to select the fields of each structured data type.

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