Automatically generate pictures from your Web pages

Content-LD is a no-code tool to generate images with data from your web pages in seconds.

It's easy and FREE to use

1 minute configuration

30 second results

Because time is money, calculate how much you could save by using Content-LD

You save -- € / month using Content-LD

The calculation is based on the Limitless plan of Content-LD

Why choose Content-LD to generate your own content?

Only one tool

No editing software

Stay focused on your web business and generate related content. Share your work without additional skills, editing software and no need to edit content

Two birds with one stone

No code

No need for additional code on your website, use the JSON+LD format to improve your website's SEO and use it to generate content with Content-LD.

A format for everything

Based on structured data

Like Google, Bing and other search engines, Content-LD uses structured data from your website, which is documented by the community

Are you ready ?

Challenge your structured data

You have your structured data ready? You want to produce images efficiently for your web adventure? It's time to test the studio for FREE

An overview of the features available

Everything in one place

A studio dedicated to content creation

Access to all features in one place to facilitate the creation of your content. The configuration can be set up in a few minutes and reused over and over again.

A studio dedicated to content creation

Freedom of movement

Resizable and draggable content

Define the size and position of the data you display without limit and at any point in the editing area. The only limit is the one you define.

Resizable and draggable content

Your choice of display

Display your content in image or text

Choose between two types of display format, image or text. Each mode has its own customisation settings and adapts to your data for a suitable rendering.

Display your content in image or text

An infinity of possibilities

Fully customisable

Let your imagination run wild and let your feeling guide you. The studio offers an infinite number of possibilities and will allow you to adapt your data to your image with your colours and your visual identity.

Fully customisable

Organise your own way

Manage you templates

Edit, rename, or inherit your existing templates. Organise your templates in your own way to optimise the use of the studio.

Manage you templates

One click, one image

Generate your images

Upload your creations in one click in the most popular image formats (JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF). All you have to do is upload them to your favourite platforms.

Generate your images

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Can Content-LD retrieve information other than structured data?

Yes, we primarily retrieve structured data from web pages. However, if the web page does not contain any, we are able to generate, from an algorithm, a structured database, which you can retrieve, in JSON-LD format with the information from the page.

Can I use Content-LD with a site I don't own?

You may use Content-LD with websites that you do not own. However, images you generate from information on sites you do not own may be subject to copyright. Content-LD is not responsible for your use of them.

Is Content-LD free?

You can discover the environment for free and without limits. To be able to use all the features of the application, you will have to subscribe to one of the available subscriptions.

Can I change my subscription plan along the way?

Of course, you can change your subscription type at any time on Content-LD.

Does Content-LD support all types of structured data?

Content-LD allows you to retrieve all structured data types as well as data subtypes. This allows you to select the fields of each structured data type.

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